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Wi-Fi Over The Air | Cypress Semiconductor


FM4 family S6E2Cx series MCU is ARM Cortex-M4 CPU incorporated embedded microcontroller.Embedded dual bank 2MB Flash memory (1MB + 1MB) enables system firmware “LIVE” update, and Over-The-Air (OTA) processing is feasible with WLAN Transceiver chip/module.Ethernet communication is available for backup route or Wi-Fi to Ethernet optional solution.

Design Considerations

Host MCU needs to have a capability to control Wi-Fi transceiver chip/module (MAC :Media Access Controller) for OTA feature in addition to primary system control task.UART, SPI or SDIO multiple serial interface options are required because of various Wi-Fi chip/module interface specification.A single chip solution is ideal for the embedded system due to cost and board space, data flash, program flash and RAM is integrated into MCU.Real Time Operating System (RTOS) is useful for handling firmware update without data failure.Ethernet MAC will be applied to wired back up communication use case or Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge use case.External memory interface is needed when on chip memory for the user program is insufficient.

S6E2Cx MCU can provide the highly integrated single chip solution due to CPU performance, memory density and integrated peripheral features.True single-chip solution provides 200MHz CPU power, Dual banked 2MBytes high speed access on chip flash memory, 256Kbytes on chip SRAM and variety of peripherals.IEEE1588 compliant 10/100 base Ethernet MAC supports variety of industrial standard protocols.Hardware cryptographic engine (AES-128/192/256, SHA-256, PKA) enables secure data communication with minimal CPU process overhead.

  1. Customer Starter Kit (SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH):
    The FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH Starter Kit is a low-cost development platform for S6E2CC MCU.The board is equipped with peripheral devices that enables you can use to explore the modules on the MCU.
  2. Customer Development Kit (SK-FM4-216-ETHERNET):
    The FM4-216-ETHERNET is a full featured development platform for developing applications using FM4 S6E2CC MCU.This board provides a variety of peripherals for evaluating different modules of the MCU.


デザイン ガイド


  • Flash Programmer

    The FLASH MCU Programmer is an application software for Cypress MCU which is able to program MCU on chip flash memory via PC. A programmed code can be read from MCU on chip memory to PC as well.

  • Pin and Code Wizard

    The "Pin and Code Wizard" is the tool helps to set the IO ports for Cypress 32-bit ARM® Cortex® microcontroller, and it has the following features.After activating the peripherals and GPIOs, which are used, the tool assigns the peripherals to the corresponding pins automatically.Customize easily the result of Pin assignment by graphical user interface.The tool outputs the source code according to the Setting of IO port for peripheral library function calls.

  • Sample Program (Peripheral Driver Library)

    The Sample Programs are available for quick MCU functionality verification and prototyping work.The Peripheral Driver Library (PDL) avoids you from writing MCU peripheral driver software from the scratch.It is also useful as a reference code when your code does not work correctly with some reason.